We are the Northside Café.   Serving Great Food.   Serving Great People.

We love serving people and we enjoy creating an environment that is inviting and relaxing, where you can enjoy good service and great food.

The Northside has operated here for nearly 100 years.

We’ve cleaned the place up a bit, but the 13-foot high tin ceilings are still here, as well as the old booths and bar stools.  We love to recognize local folks who made it big – like America’s iconic cowboy – John Wayne – who was born in  Winterset, or our very own Monument Man George Stout, another Winterset Native.

We invite you to step out of your world and into ours. Enjoy our midwest diner classics for lunch, then spend an afternoon lingering at the famous covered bridges of Madison County or the fabulously updated John Wayne Birthplace museum, which opened doors to it’s multi-million dollar facility just this year.

Call 515-462-1523 or visit us at 61 E. Jefferson Street, Winterset, IA 50273

The rest of this site is currently closed for maintenance. Friend us on Facebook to discover more!

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