The Northside Cafe in Winterset IA is the most awesome cafe in the world!

We are the Northside Café.   Serving Great Food.   Serving Great People.


We love food.


At the Northside Café we care about food and it shows. Every item we serve is carefully crafted to be delicious.


Want a hot beef sandwich? We roasted the beef right here.  We made the gravy from the beef we cooked. Not a powdered mix.


Want a hot cup of soup? Our soup selection changes irregularly, but whether you showed up looking for the shrimp and crab bisque, chicken and wild rice soup or the vegetarian butternut squash soup, you’ll find they were all made from scratch right here at the Northside, providing you with fewer chemicals and preservatives and more vitamins and minerals per spoonful.


Want some pasta? Our linguine alfredo is made from fresh ingredients – real cream, garlic and Parmesan – not something out of a bag or bottle.


Tired of the same old chicken strips? We bread our own using real white meat chicken tenderloins. No chemicals.


The list goes on, but you should get the idea by now that we like making food. We love to create, and food presents endless opportunities for creative expression in the kitchen. That’s just one of the many reasons we make nearly everything on the menu from scratch – more opportunities to explore new dishes and make things delicious.


And of course anyone who likes food likes fresh ingredients. We love fresh ingredients. Making things from scratch means we can use more fresh ingredients in our cooking. And with fresh ingredients we can infuse our food with flavor without adding those pesky chemicals and preservatives. And nothing is fresher than locally grown food, so in addition to our regular vendors, we are constantly looking for local growers who can provide seasonal vegetables as well as other products for us.


Our burger buns? Baked right around the corner on the square. Cracked wheat. No preservatives. Texture and taste — amazing.


But at the Northside we not only love food.


We love people.


And since we love people, once we discovered we can make really good food, the first thing we wanted to do was find a way to share it with people. Food – like life – is dull without people to share it with.


We love serving people and we enjoy creating an environment that is inviting and relaxing, where you can enjoy good service and great food.


There’s nothing like the ambiance of an old building. This one was built in 1876, and the Northside has operated here nearly 100 years. We’ve cleaned the place up a bit, but the 13-foot high tin ceilings are still here, as well as the old booths and bar stools. We’ve updated some of the cuisine, and included some café classics as well.


We invite you to step out of your world and into ours. Stop in for lunch some day and try us out. Or get away from work some day and linger for an afternoon with a good book or an old friend.

Call 515-462-1523 or visit us at 61 E. Jefferson Street, Winterset, IA 50273

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