The human aurora

Throughout human history there are many descriptions of that mystical, glamorous aura that envelops us and all living things. The life force that moves around us – the human aura – is an electro-magnetic field that envelops us like an egg. Every process that takes place in the body and in the various systems is expressed and appears in the electric field, thus reflecting the chemical and electrical processes that take place within us, such as: feelings, feelings, thoughts and state of health of the entire body.

Today, in the modern age in which we live, there are devices that can partially photograph the same envelope, divide it into colors and give partial interpretations to the colors in it, but this is a very narrow layer of the same aura that consists of layers on layers, each layer having different characteristics and influences.

Cleansing the aura is a kind of “treatment” that aims to balance, clean, turn, stimulate and restore the balance of the body to its natural state.

During the course of treatment, various organs and physical parts can be treated, either in a specific case or only in cleaning and restoring the systems to their natural balance. It is great for treating hemorrhoids fast and with no side effects.

To understand why the need to clean the aura should not go far. A simple explanation of daily life: When we walk on the street or are near a busy road – we get physically dirty, soot, dust, toxins in the air stick to us, we breathe gas and air that is not always clean, we eat foods that are not always healthy for us – when we get home, Clothes, do sports, the body cleans up groceries. It is a simple and permanent process that keeps us healthy and gives us a sense of freshness and cleanliness.

On the energetic level parallel processes occur.

During the course of life, negative thoughts, anger, frustrations, criticisms, expectations, and energetic radiations come to us from people around us.

Also, there are internal processes that we produce within our aura such as anger, self-blame, moods, negative thoughts, self-image. These, too, are negative energetic aggregations that are stuck in the aura.

Electrical appliances emitting static electricity and electromagnetic radiation such as: radio waves, cellular radiation, TV waves, and more …

All of these cling to the aura and prevent a natural flow of energy within us.

In some cases, as a result of trauma, severe crisis, or physical, psychological and / or emotional damage, energetic anomalies can also occur in the aura. In this state, the energy required by the internal organs is sucked and weakened.

There are cases of bruises or ruptures in the aura due to a market or extreme trauma that the body can not recover and as a result there is an escape of energy that can affect dozens of different ways on a person’s health.

Toxicity or damage to the aura causes more than 70% of the diseases that exist today, such as:

– Tension


Depression includes postpartum moods

Difficulties of concentration and memory

Chronic fatigue

Irregularity in the digestive system

Unexplained fears or anxieties

Muscle and joint pains


– and more …

A unique treatment process of aura cleansing has enabled a number of individual sessions to achieve impressive results of recovery and significant improvement in most areas.