North side Cafee

You can not start the day without a good, healthy and nutritious breakfast, and just for that, there is a boutique, rustic and domestic café serving breakfasts based on local produce.

Our breakfasts are rich and generous and include a large selection of salads, breads, cakes and cookies, a selection of cheeses and fine coffee grounded by MOLINARI.

Our coffee shop is a glass-covered wooden structure, so that the green, wild, vegetarian environment outside enters the cafe and creates an authentic atmosphere of nature and elation.

You can also sit in the courtyard of the coffee shop, which includes seating areas furnished with wood around them with a magical cylindrical view.

Our Breakfast Menu Contains:

  • A variety of salads – chopped vegetables, roasted vegetables, eggplant in tehina, lentils, bulgur, beets and more
  • Vegetable Pie: onion / mushroom / sweet potato / cheese
  • To veggies – stir fried tofu / pancake chickpeas
  • Breads – baguette, nut bread, baked buns with onion / cranberries
  • Dessert: homemade jams, cakes and cookies
  • Drinks: Italian coffee, herbal infusions
  • A citrus squeezing stand in season

Our Lunch Menu Contains

  • Meats: Beef Casserole and root vegetables, pullets in lemon and rum sauce.
    Toppings: root vegetables baked, rice
  • Salads: chopped vegetable salad, green salad, baladi eggplant with raw tahini.
  • Dessert: Chocolate cake, fruit salad.
  • Drinking: glass of wine per person, oranges, lemonade, cold water, espresso / herbal infusions

Summer is Coming – Toronto Yonge & Enlington Pool membership bargain!

As summer approaches, we offer our visitors to the pool the option to buy an annual membership to the Yonge & Englinton pool – sponsored by

Instead of paying $600 annually, our membership is offered at $450 per season. The pool is heated, and active also in the winter days.


The north side cafe shop is located between Yonge and Engligton in DownTown Toronto 5400 Yonge Street toronto 416-7398706